become the best salesperson外贸英语-如何成为最优秀的销售员

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become the best salesperson外贸英语-如何成为最优秀的销售员。Although being a successful salesperson can sometimes seem impossible, it isn't. It is hard work, and requires determination and a sense of respect for both yourself and the customer. To become a good salesperson, you need a few important qualities. Let's take a look at the suggestions below.

1Be outgoing and confident. 外向和自信

A shy and introverted person usually doesn't succeed in becoming the best salesperson. 



A person succeeds when he believes in himself, in his product, is an extrovert around customers and clients and is always enthusiastic.



People naturally respond to confidence, and it has a great impact on a customer's decision. If you falter, change your attitude, or become easily frustrated, people will see through this, and you will not make sales.



2Be smart and versatle. 明智兼多才多艺

Look around you for smart people in every direction. Learn from them.You need to be smart in order to be the best salesperson. 



If you want to be a smart salesperson, you should be skilled in communicating effectively, listening, having a good attitude and transparency. 



One very vital skill you should have is the ability to attract your customers by using your other skills.



3Understand the customer. 了解顾客

Let's pretend that a salesman rings your doorbell and tries to sell you an expensive product right away - and, worse, you already have one ! 



The salesman did not ask important questions, attempt to understand the customer, or even give you a reason to buy the product.