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Earth Grown Crayons are Etsy's original NATURAL eco friendly coloring crayons made from only soy and non toxic earth minerals, no commercially purchased or processed crayons are used. Crayons are crafted from scratch in my own kitchen using natural ingredients and hand-poured into shapes that inspire young artists. Natural soy has a matte appearance that goes away when held by warm hands. Crayons glide on smoothly to create a delightful coloring experience. 


Fresh Water Fish crayons are inspired by the fish living in the beautiful lakes of Minnesota. Crayons measure about 2 inches long. These crayons come beautifully packaged in a gift box along with a cotton muslin storage pouch. 


Earth Grown Crayons are:

* Made from pure soy wax, free from herbicides and pesticides. 

* 100% biodegradable making them eco-friendly and safe for children.

* Tinted using mineral or organic pigments certified non-toxic by the ACMI.


Not recommended for children 3 or younger due to choking risks.



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