We Are on a Journey《人在旅途》:Henry Van Dyke 亨利·凡·戴克

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We Are on a Journey《人在旅途》:Henry Van Dyke 亨利·凡·戴克,欧洲,欧洲网欧洲网(http://www.ouzhou.cc)英语美文:We Are on a Journey  人在旅途 Henry Van Dyke 亨利·凡·戴克。Wherever you are, and whoever you may be, there is one thing in which you and I are just alike at this moment, and in all the moments of our existence. We are not at rest, we are on a journey. Our life is a movement, a tendency, a steady, ceaseless progress towards an unseen goal.


We are gaining something, or losing something, or losing something, everyday. Even when our position and our character seem to remain precisely the same, they are changing. For the mere advance of time is a change. It is not the same thing to have a bare field in January and in July. The season makes the difference. The limitations that are childlike in the child are childish in the man.



Everything that we do is a step in one direction or another. Even the failure to do something is in itself a deed. it sets us forward or backward. the action of the negative pole of a magnetic needle is just as real as the action of the positive pole. To decline is to accept--the other alternative.

我们所做的每件事情都是朝着某个方向迈进了一步。即使是失败本身,也是有所得的,失败可以催人奋进,也可以让人一蹶不振。磁针负极的作用与正极的作用都是一样真实的。 拒绝也是一种接受,只不过是另一种选择罢了。


Are you nearer to your port today than you were yesterday? yes, you must be a little nearer to some port or other for since your ship was first launched upon the sea of life, you have never been still for a single moment, the sea is too deep, you could not find an anchorage if you would, there can be no pause until you come into port.